Jesus had a ministry full of ups and downs.  Really, a big down and then a big up.  Just think back on the way he stepped down off his eternal throne:

  • Jesus the baby—born in a stable. 
  • Jesus the teen—growing up in a backwater town. 
  • Jesus the rabbi—popular with some, but constantly opposed.
  • Jesus the prisoner—arrested, condemned, and abandoned by both his friends and Father. 

Out of so much humility, though, arose a glory that shines so brightly.  There’s no way Jesus could be exalted any higher than he is right now:

  • Jesus the Life—risen from the grave. 
  • Jesus the Way—ascended to heaven to prepare the way for us. 
  • Jesus the Truth—promising forgiveness and help to all who turn to him. 

I’ve now been a pastor for six months.  I’ve already participated in baptisms and funerals, parties and meetings, classes and worship in Spanish and English.  Members of Bethel, you have welcomed me so warmly—and since she’s arrived here you’ve shown the same kindness to Andrea.  Thank you!  

I’m sure my called ministry in Jesus' name will also be full of ups and downs.  But the constant throughout as many years as the Lord allows me to be your pastor will be the message of Jesus’ work for all of us:  Stooping so low—to ease sin’s burden off our backs.  Rising so high—to crown us with glory everlasting.

-Pastor Hunter, Transfiguration Day 2016