The words of the prophets and apostles were written on papyrus and parchment. Martin Luther took advantage of the newly-invented printing press to churn out his many books. I remember afternoons in my dad's office as he punched away at his typewriter and I helped crank the old mimeograph. Now pastors use texts and tweets and blogs...and whatever new thing will have been invented between the time I started this post and the time I finish!

The medium may change, but the message stays the same.

Now, I realize that blogs are nothing new. In fact, I'm a little embarassed to tell people about our "new" website and to admit that this is my first blog post ever because I realize I'm way behind the times. But I'm also excited that our congregation will now able to communicate in more ways with members and friends alike. Why? Because we have something important to say.

We have the good news about Jesus, a message that dates back to the very beginning, when it was nothing more than a spoken promise to Adam and Eve. It is a message that God has continued to bring to his people through myraid messengers and means throughout the ages. It's the timeless message of forgiveness through faith in Christ. It's a message intended for the whole world.

I realize that this website, this blog, won't reach every set of eyes on this planet (though it's only a few clicks away!). But I'm thankful that we now have one more tool to use in service to the Lord. I pray that this new (to us, anyway!) medium will be a blessing to our congregation and to many others.

So, check in from time to time to read a few words from your pastors. Send us your comments and questions. And feel free to share the link with a friend--and help us get the Word out.