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He Delivers Us from Evil


Easter's Answers

3/27/2016 Pastor Phil Hunter  1 Corinthians 15:1-8 

Big Babies

7/2/2017 Rev. Phil Hunter  Beautiful Mess 

We Are Built Up in Faith

9/25/2016 Pastor Sam Degner  Colossians 2:2-7 

Every Member Plays a Part

9/18/2016 Pastor Phillip Hunter  Eph 4:7-16 

We Are a House United

9/11/2016 Pastor Samuel Degner  Ephesians 2:12-22 

What could it cost you to follow Jesus?

9/4/2016 Pastor Phil Hunter  Genesis 12:1-8 

3/26/2017   God Brings his Kingdom to You 

4/16/2017   He Lives to Silence All My Fears 

Our leader rides resolutely into battle for us.

3/20/2016 Pastor Samuel Degner  Hebrews 12:1-3 

4/9/2017   His Holy Name is on Your Lips 

4/2/2017   His Will is Done in Your Life 

He Leads You out of Temptation

3/12/2017 Pastor Phil Hunter  John 4 

The Battle Rages Constantly

3/6/2016 Pastor Samuel Degner  Judges 10:6-16 

Life Is (Not) about Being Rich

7/31/2016 Pastor Degner  Luke 12:13-21 

We Build with Our Gifts

10/2/2016 Pastor Philip Hunter  Luke 21:1-4 

This Is the King

11/24/2013 Pastor Samuel Degner  Luke 23:35-43 

We Are Built on Christ

10/9/2016 Pastor Sam Degner  Matthew 16:13-18 

Jesus Unlocks Permanent Victory

4/3/2016 Pastor Philip Hunter  Revelation 1:4-18 

We Are a House for All Nations

10/23/2016 Pastor Brad Krause  Revelation 5:1-10 

Our Victorious Lord is Worthy of Our Worship

4/10/2016 Pastor Samuel Degner  Revelation 5:6-14 

The Battle Takes an Unexpected Turn

3/13/2016 Pastor Philip Hunter  Sermon Based on Luke 20:9-19 

4/16/2017   The Lord Hears our Prayers 

God's house. God's family. God's work.